About Us

We’re an experienced and passionate Sales Skills Training company and we exist solely to inspire you to grow and develop your business through sales training, coaching and motivational speaking.

We provide powerful and inspirational training courses, business consultancy, coaching programmes and keynote speakers that help your business to start, grow and develop, here and internationally.

Welcome. My name is Reh Alam. I’m also known as the Sales Medic. #SalesMedic.
I founded Inspiring Training for Sales in 2010 relying on over 25 years of experience within the sales sector. I still try to deliver the majority of our training courses and workshops in person.

My main aim with all the training we offer is to deliver it in an inspiring, engaging and enjoyable way. I normally deliver my training courses in a ‘workshop’ style – i.e. fairly informal and practical. However if you would prefer a more formal seminar style course, I have a great deal of experience delivering my courses to suit all learning styles. Whatever the format, the key thing is that all attendees leave excited about ideas and strategies they can start to implement right away.

Why Choose Us?

That one’s easy. We thrive on helping businesses grow. We know that every business is different. That is why we get the right results by tailoring our services just for you. We never deliver a sales course straight off the shelf. All of our courses are specifically tuned for each of our clients.

Our Guiding Principles

  • We believe that the most successful businesses are those with happy, skilled and inspired sales teams who take pride in helping customers to solve their problems
  • We believe that all training should provide fantastic value and give you a massive return on investment
  • We believe that all training and coaching should give your teams practical skills they can start using immediately
  • Our services are built around this vision because every business is unique.
  • Every individual and business we partner with should be inspired at the at the end of the training
  • We guarantee fast improvements in sales performance and we back it up with tailored support after the course