Rehan has his audience truly captivated with his wise words of wisdom.

Wise Words of Wisdom
Lizzie Jordan, Business Development Director, MMC Agency

Full of very valuable, highly powerful content that helps you learn more, but is also truly motivational.

Truly motivational
Marcus Kilvington, Founder, Food Profits

Joint clients who have attended Rehan's courses and mine have also said how much they enjoy and benefit from his presentation skills and style.

Presentation Skills
John Owens, Trainer, John Owens Associates

If you are looking for a talented, creative and inspirational trainer or speaker Rehan is your man.

Inspirational Trainer
Mohammed Arshad, Head of Training, Textile Centre of Excellence

A positive start to setting up a business

Positive Start to Setting up a Business
Charlotte Helley, Sales Director, Optimise Management Ltd.

A very gifted man who has a passion for improving the world around him.

Passion for Improving the World
Public and Access Services, Library Learning Centre, Bahrain Polytechnic

Rehan is willing to go the extra mile to make a difference

Willing to go the Extra Mile
Tony de Villiers, Business Engagement Advisor, Education Business Futures

Rehan is both professional and passionate when delivering his training.

Both Professional and Passionate
Liz Yeatman, Business Officer, NBV

A motivational talk to a Nottingham Based charity, Awaaz. The aim of the session was to develop the confidence and motivation of the group volunteers.

Motivation Talk for Volunteers
Steven Casswell, Project Manager, Awaaz

The Effective Leadership Training course from Inspiring Training is designed to deliver top quality inspirational ideas for building strong and effective leaders and managers.

Effective Leadership
Hannah Morrice, Business Development Manager, The Scouts Association

Sales testimonials for clients to see what other clients have said about our training services and our coaching services.

Sales and Leadership Training
Michael Farnsworth, CEO, Stormsaver Ltd

We are seeing real changes as a direct result of Rehan's work and will definitely be using him again and highly recommend him to anyone looking to inject passion into their team.

Sales Training
Lisa Farnsworth, Director, Stormsaver Ltd.