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Rehan Alam
Welcome to Inspiring Training.
I founded Inspiring Training to build soft skills for individuals, businesses and communities. To this day I still deliver the majority of our training courses and workshops in person. No matter what level, I can assure you that the training we deliver will be tailored just for you and will inspire you to successful effective outcomes.

With over 30 years of Sales Experience and over 15 years of Training Sales Teams, we are experts at tapping into the key areas within your sales cycle that need attention.

My main aim with all the training we offer is to deliver it in an inspiring, engaging and enjoyable way. I normally deliver my training courses in a ‘workshop’ style – i.e. fairly informal and practical. However if you would prefer a more formal seminar style course, I have a great deal of experience delivering my courses to suit all learning styles. Whatever the format, the key thing is that all attendees leave excited about ideas and strategies they can start to implement right away.

Check out what we can offer you:

SALES Leadership

Effective Leadership

The Effective Leadership training course is designed to deliver top quality inspirational ideas for building strong and effective sales leaders.

Effective leaders don’t just lead, they inspire their teams. As a leader, you will not always know what training is needed to make sure your teams are superstars. Thats where we can help. We help you with a free needs analysis and then we make suggestions.

If you believe in leadership, then this one day master workshop will equip new, current and future managers with the skills they need to grow their confidence and provide easy to use principles and tools for becoming effective sales leaders.

Our Effective Leadership training will ensure you are ready to try out new techniques, become more self aware and learn to enjoy your leadership role by playing to your strengths and finding new ways to inspire and motivate your sales team.

It’s not just about leadership training, it’s about making it effective leadership.


Sales training for experienced executives

This course is ideal for boosting your sales. If you are looking to invigorate your sales team, this is the course for you.

This is a specialist course for salespeople, managers and business owners who want to polish up their sales skills and get some new ideas on modern day selling.

We can deliver this course for you in 1-3 days or you may want us to develop a long term sales training programme that is built around your organization’s needs.

With over 30 years of sales experience and over 15 years of training sales teams to overachieve, we are experts at tapping into the key areas within your sales cycle that need attention.

Specialist Sales Training Course to inspire a new generation of globally minded teams. We inspire you with new ideas that will create great relationships.


The Sales Mindset

This course is designed to help your sales team to achieve their maximum potential by tackling limiting beliefs, overcoming barriers to growth and empowering them to become high achievers.

This course has been delivered widely with Businesses in the UK and abroad.

It is ideal for new and experienced sales staff and has been widely delivered to businesses of all sectors, public sector and voluntary groups as well as individuals who need a boost of confidence to be the best they can be.

This course can be run as one full day / half day / 2 hour session.
“If you believe you can do it, you are more than half way there.”

SALES and Cultural Awareness

Cultural Awareness for Sales

We believe that the most influential businesses give their staff the insights, knowledge and confidence they need to become globally minded individuals and team members.

This workshop is designed for organisations that are looking to develop better strategies for working with different cultures in the UK or abroad.

The Cultural Awareness Training has been delivered to venues, hotels, corporations, NHS, voluntary groups, local authorities.

We specialise in increasing sales through cultural awareness in these regions:

  • Asia,
  • South East Asia,
  • Middle East,
  • Europe,
  • Africa
  • South America.

Getting a good understanding of Cultural Awareness has many benefits:

  1. Improvements in Sales and Communication skills
  2. Greater appreciation of Diversity
  3. Greater self awareness
  4. Higher Confidence
  5. Improved relationships with cross and intercultural teams
  6. Build Trust
  7. Building Rapport by finding commonalities in cultures
  8. Personal and Career Development
  9. Well balanced global citizens
  10. Improved Sales across borders
  11. Improved Customer Satisfaction
  12. Great reputation

If you are looking to create a truly global and well rounded business, then without doubt, this is the course for you.

We help you communicate effectively across the world so you sell more.

You sell more by creating a better understanding of local customs. cultures and business etiquettes.

Success Mindset for Sales

The Success Mindset

This inspirational and motivating workshop is about the Success Mindset and what it takes to become a successful leader, manager or entrepreneur.

We will carefully guide you through the different thinking styles of successful people and provide you with key essential tips and tricks that will make you feel confident and motivated for success, however you define success.

The session is delivered by Rehan Alam who is known internationally for being a successful entrepreneur and professional speaker. His expertise is in delivering programmes and workshops that make an immediate impact in helping organisations and people to overcome their limiting beliefs and go on to become high achievers in Leadership, Education, Entrepreneurship and Cultural Awareness with his unique and engaging presentation style.

If you are looking for an after dinner speaker, public speaker, motivational speaker, workshop or half day seminar on this topic and you want to be entertained and inspired, this is the session for you and your staff.

Have a look at our testimonials page and see what others have said about Rehan and his talks.

Sales Presentation Skills

Sales Presentation Skills

Presentation skills and public speaking skills are very useful and important in business, sales and selling, training, teaching, lecturing and generally entertaining an audience.

We are experts in developing the confidence and capability to give good presentations, and to stand up in front of an audience and speak like a pro. These are also extremely helpful competencies for self-development too.

Presentations skills are not limited to certain special people – anyone can give a good presentations, or perform public speaking to a professional and impressive standard.

In today’s world, formats and purposes of presentations can be very different, for example: oral (spoken), multimedia (using various media – visuals, audio, etc), powerpoint presentations, short impromptu presentations, long planned presentations, educational or training sessions, lectures, and simply giving a talk on a subject to a group on a voluntary basis for pleasure. Even speeches at weddings and eulogies at funerals are types of presentations and are just as stressful to some people.

We bust the myths around public speaking and show how ANY person can give killer presentations that will impress.

Introduction to SALES

Introduction to Sales

This is a course designed to give those new to sales the process, tools and tips they need for starting their sales career confidently.

Designed for anyone starting their first role in sales, this course will equip learners with with sales skills using proven techniques.

A great foundation for a career in sales. The course is fun, practical, inspiring and provides a great foundation to build a career in sales.

Regardless of the industry, this course will help you build confidence and help understand how sales is about human interactions as well as process.

This course is run in-house or off site and is suitable for those new to sales, new business owners and enterprise agencies, colleges, voluntary organisations and universities who want to introduce their non sales staff to sales.

SALES Networking

Sales Networking to Build Effective Customer Relationships

For most businesses the biggest challenge by far is often based around winning customers.

This course turns the existing ideas around business networking on their head as we talk to you about how the world has changed and as a result how our communication and the way in which we build relationships has also changed.

This thought provoking and inspiring workshop will show you how to become more confident in business networking and really making an impact with your contacts. You will walk away with more ideas and a clear strategy on what you need to do next.

There is no doubt that Business networking can build your business like no other strategy but why do so many people not manage to make it work for them? We will explain some of the new ideas in play today including how Social Networking has changed the game but not the rules.

We have worked with Business, Education and Local Governments to prepare the next generation of entrepreneurs, leaders, executives and achievers. With over 12 years Corporate experience and 8 years in Economic Development, we know what it takes to help organisations, their employees and customers to succeed.

Our expertise lies in developing programmes and workshops that help organisations and people to overcome their limiting beliefs and go on to become high achievers in Education and as Entrepreneurs.

Our Talks, Workshops and Seminars are often about getting you into the Right Frame of Mind for Success in Business, Career and Education.


We can provide a bespoke on-site consultancy service, aiding you in all aspects of sales, management and leadership.