Developing Life Skills through Education

Armed with real life skills this graduate is bound to succeed.

Sales skills are not just for business. Millennials are increasingly disillusioned with the options that are open to them after school. They need help ‘selling themselves’, their ‘ideas’ and they need help with communication skills.

Rehan specialises in running talks and workshops on ‘Real Life Skills’ and a variety of motivational skills days in schools, colleges and academies. As a registered volunteer with Inspiring the Future and The Young Foundation, Rehan is committed to supporting an equal and just society for young people. Rehan works to empower young people so they can have a focus in life in life once they leave education.

The workshops are interactive, informative and enjoyable. Rehan firmly believes that it is important to show young learners WHY they are doing what they do and to help them to develop a strategy so they can move forward towards their goals and aspirations.

Some examples of his work include:

• Confidence and Self Belief
• Raising Aspirations
• Self – Motivation
• Setting Realistic Goals for Work and Life
• Managing Time effectively
• Presenting and Selling Yourself
• Presentation Skills
• Cultural Awareness
• Building effective Networks (it’s not what you know…)
• Self Awareness
• Planning your life
• Leadership and Team Building
• Entrepreneurship

The subjects above can be delivered as assembly seminars and talks at a heavily discounted rate for schools.

Please feel free to contact us for a chat.

If you’re interested please get in touch! You wont’t regret it.

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