what does your business do?

“What Does your Business Do?”

Too many times, at networking events, when I ask new business owners the question, “What do you do?”, I brace myself because I know I am about to hear their life story. Please don’t do that people!

what does your business do?

Describe your business simply by explaining the benefits and as shortly as you can.

As Einstein allegedly said, ‘If you can’t describe what you do in one sentence, you don’t yet fully understand what you do’.When I first started in business, I was exactly like that too with bags full of enthusiasm and passion but I know now that I made an assumption that nearly all new business owners make. I thought others would be just as passionate about my business as me. Eventually, when I started talking less and with more impact, they would be.

Clients want to know how you can make their world better. If they can see that, then they’ll share your enthusiasm.

Here’s a few tips to make sure you don’t bore the pants off people. They’re often too polite to tell you.

  1. Talk about How you can help them.
  2. Most people care about how you can help them rather than what you do.
  3. Talk to them emotively.
  4. Don’t use jargon. Please!
  5. Tell them Why you do what do you rather than What. Somebody is already doing What you are doing.
  6. If they like your Why, they will ask you for more information and actually be listening.
Here are a few examples of what I say to my prospects or fellow business leaders.
  • “We help to create better leaders”
  • “We help leaders build and grow their business”
  • “We help businesses sell more”
  • “We introduce businesses to new diverse markets”

Try it out and let me know how you go.

“What does your business Do?”

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